Chicago Medical Surgical Center has been serving Chicago areas since 1988. We have two locations for your convenience. Standard of care and maintaining excellence in medical technology have been a primary focus of each of its facilities. "Making a Difference" is our motto.

A trip to the doctor does not have to be a fearful experience. The staff at Chicago Medical Surgical Center are very qualified and here to help you personally. Your needs are our priority. We provide professional care, utmost privacy and personal service.

The decision for surgery is always a tumultuous undertaking for a patient. It is an emotional time as well as the fear of the unknown. There is insurance verification to complete and the staff is trained to verify insurance coverage and to explain it to the patients in a manner that patients will understand their benefits. Then follows all the pre-surgical work-up necessary to prepare for surgery including laboratory testing and electrocardiogram to name the basics. These are all done at the center at the patient